The HOTY Foundation is a platform to recognize and appreciate those who show both excellence on the college football field and outstanding community involvement. Holding has been a thankless job for too long, the Foundation is a way to now say Thank You in a big way.

The Mortell Holder of the Year Award was created in 2015 by its first recipient, Peter Mortell. At the time Peter was a punter in his senior year at the University of Minnesota. During his career at Minnesota Peter handled all punting and holding duties over three seasons. Peter's career includes 203 punts with an average of 44.0 yards per punt, currently ranking him first in team history.

As the inaugral winner, Peter raised approximently $30,000 for the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital.  

Today, the Mortell HOTY Award and tradition lives on in the same spirit of charity through the HOTY Foundation. Each year's finalists and winner is selected by the Foundation. For the winner, the Foundation is set up to help raise money for a charity of his choosing.